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Providing Dealerships & their Clients with Financing Solutions

You choose the product. You choose the dealer. You choose the terms. We do the work.  Simple.

Who we are

Honest, resourceful and free to use

One of our goals at ALC is to take the mystery out of financing. By building relationships with lenders unavailable at most dealerships, you will have access to the most competitive options in the market. All loans and leases are open terms (no penalties for early payoff), come with a full disclosure contract, and will be explained in entirety. Want to better understand your financial position, or save money on your next purchase? Apply with us today!

Fast, efficient and personal

We know how valuable your time is. We honor that by providing you with a fast and efficient buying experience. Our application process is simple, so you can carry on with your life while we take care of the rest.

Our mission

We have one simple mission: To find you the BEST financing terms available, so you can drive home with pride & confidence. Our staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced, so whether you have claimed bankruptcy, or have A+ credit, we are solely focused on you.

What we do

I'm a Person

Your job is easy! Choose any vehicle (or Camper Trailer or Powersport), from any dealership, and we'll help you finance it. Whether you have AAA credit, or need help rebuilding, our network of lending partners will ensure you obtain the most competitive terms in the market.

I'm a Dealer

Looking for access to more lenders? We're your ticket! With a full-suite of Prime and Non-Prime lenders, including many typically reserved to franchise only retailers, we can help you and your client get the deal done. Whether it's a longer term length, lower down payment, or less stipulations, chances are we've got an option to suit.

I'm a Lender

Are you hoping to grow your market share in Canada? If you feel you would bring value to our clients or dealer partners - contact us! We employ industry-leading best practices to ensure your interests are protected. To understand more about your options growing your business with ALC, please contact a member of our lending team.

Why choose us?

All types of credit welcome

Whether you have a 'Grade A' credit score, or missteps in your history, we work with all levels of credit.


We understand that every client is unique, which is why we personalize each applicant's experience. We strive to ensure your specific needs and expectations are met. We do not conform to a cookie cutter process!


To achieve a different result, you must try something different! We've sought out relationships with lenders you won't find in every dealership, giving you access to more favorable finance terms and options.

Full transparency

We have no hidden agendas, we truly value your trust.

Exceptional service

The service you deserve, and won't easily forget.

Financial Partners